All Mid-Willamette Valley homeschoolers and people considering homeschooling are welcome here. Regardless of your religion (or lack-thereof), family structure, or homeschooling style – if you are in the area (or are considering moving here) and want to participate, join right in! The conversation is happening at the Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers Facebook Page.

Frequently Asked Question Collaboration for Homeschooling During Social Distancing is Underway!

Please see the shared Google Folder: SIH COVID-19 Homeschool Resource Collaboration
You may add resources to this folder, or contribute to the Frequently Asked Questions sheet. We will vet the answers and then update this site and the Facebook group documents section with the finalized answers.

If you need help updating the documents, please post on the Please Collaborate With Us Facebook thread.

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We have created a place for all homeschoolers to connect, regardless of philosophy or style. Please read the FAQ. I hope you will help us make Salem an even more welcoming place for all types of homeschoolers in the area!

If you need help navigating the Oregon laws and connecting to resources, please browse this site and ask on the Facebook group.

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Not on this list? YOU are welcome, too! This group is for ALL PEOPLE who see themselves as homeschoolers and live in, visit, or plan to move to our region.

If you represent a local organization that provides opportunities for homeschoolers, you may be approved to join as well, so long as you do not spam the group.