Do I have to be an “inclusive” homeschooler to participate?

Not at all! You are welcome to use our resources and attend our activities, even if you have decided to exclude some ideas and influences from your children’s education. We only ask that you treat all people you encounter in our group with respect – both in person and on-line.

Does my group have to be inclusive to be listed with you?

Nope! Any group for homeschoolers in the Salem area can be listed with us. Your group description must be honest about who is welcome without referring to any other groups of people. Differentiate yourself by what you offer rather than by what you are not!

What does it mean that the Facebook group is closed?

Our Facebook group is now “Closed.” This means that anyone can search and find it, and anyone can see who is a member. However, they will need to join the group in order to see what is posted there. Please remember that we are a large group, and we accept anyone who says they live in the area and are interested in homeschooling. Do not share your address in the group. Please stay courteous and safe!

What are the rules for participation?

We have one basic rule: Show respect for others. If you have a concern about someone’s behavior, please bring it to our attention immediately and we will work to resolve the situation.

All Facebook group members are encouraged to:

  • Add friends to the Facebook group. (They will need to answer 3 questions to be approved.)
  • Post information about events, activities, groups, blogs, and other resources for homeschoolers in our area. (Political and/or religious events are allowed if they are both local and for homeschoolers. See below for more on this!)
  • Suggest events on our Facebook page (e.g. park day or homeschool meet-up at a public event).
  • Promote their local business’s or church’s offerings for the homeschool community.
  • Let others know about items they have for sale.
  • Request referrals for services or items they’d like to buy or trade for.
  • Keep discussion focused on connecting people with the resources and other groups that will be a good fit for them.

All Facebook members should be careful not to:

  • Say anything on the group that they wouldn’t want their parents/children/boss/worst enemy/entire world to read!
  • Spam the group with repeated advertisements or off-topic posts.
  • Post political or religious articles unless they are directly related to an event. (Please do so on that event’s page rather than the main wall.)
  • Abuse another member in any way, including banning them from other groups based on their participation in this one.

Special Note Regarding Discussions
Discussion may involve the merits and pitfalls of various homeschooling approaches and members’ experiences with them. But they should not be focused on promoting or bashing a philosophy, political agenda, group, individual, or religion. If an event is political or religious in nature, debate on those topics should be held to the event itself.

If a local business which we support as a homeschool community has taken a public position on a contentious political or religious issue, it is ok to inform the community so that members may make their own choices about whether to continue to (or start to) support that business as a result.

There must be no call to action in the discussion, including any articles shared about it. The appropriate way to phrase the post is:

“This post follows the template from the SIH FAQ: Our homeschool community has been supporting ____ business in ____ way. I recently learned that their stated position on ____ issue is ____. If this issue matters to you, it may impact your personal support of this business. Please keep discussion of the issue itself to your personal pages and other groups.”


If you believe someone is violating these guidelines, please do not engage in the discussion other than to tag a moderator and post a link to this FAQ.

You may also contact us directly via PM or email. If the situation is serious and you are unable to reach us that way, you may text and/or call Joy at 503-913-0923.

As a policy, we do not delete threads except in cases of obvious spam. Users who persist in violating the guidelines will be blocked after a public warning. Threads that violate our policies will receive comments from moderators explaining why they violate our policies, and may be removed in extreme circumstances.

Why did you start Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers?

Kaylyn and Joy got to talking at the first Teen Game Day in October of 2014. We were both long-time homeschoolers with teen kids, but realized we’d only met once before, when Joy first moved to Salem! Because our social circles don’t overlap and most of the other homeschool groups in Salem were both closed and somewhat exclusive, we just hadn’t connected.

We’d also both had the experience of offering activities but just not being able to get enough people consistently involved to keep them going. When you can only spread the word to the people you already know, it’s tough!

The flip side of that is when events are only advertised in closed groups, people new to the area or new to homeschooling can’t find them. Even long-time homeschoolers like to make new friends and discover new interests. How do you do that when you only have access to the closed or secret groups you already know about?

We both wished there was an open, public place where homeschoolers of all kinds could exchange information, post activities, and get to know each other. Suddenly it dawned on us – we could create it ourselves! We created a public Facebook group and this website, and started hosting events. It took off! Now we have closed the group, but it is still easy to find through this website and Facebook searches, and membership is open to anyone who answers the Facebook group questions and agrees to the rules.